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Manufacturers of Constant Force Springs including both constant force and variable rate extension springs, motor springs, constant force spring assemblies, brush springs and power springs.


Extension Springs
Motor Springs
Power Springs


Constant Force Extension Spring Assembly
Brush Springs
Motor Spring Cord Retractor
Short Deflection Spring Motor Assembly
Wire Cable Reel
Adjustable Spring Balance
Lead Screw Guards

Our extensive product range and bespoke manufacturing services

We offer our customers a range of standard products, many available from stock as well as bespoke solutions to meet specific requirements and applications.

The range of Spiroflex springs is considerable, from 2mm wide to over 100mm wide and a stock range from 0.05mm thickness to over 0.6mm thickness.

Our products are used in numerous industries, Automotive, White Goods, Aerospace, Defence, Point of Sales to name just a few. Our Quality Standards and systems have been developed to exceed the requirements of all these demanding industries.

Our springs are used for many functions, counterbalancing, feeding, retracting cables, clamping, power generation.

Whether your application is to retract a seat belt webbing, apply pressure to a commutator brush, power for a clockwork device, retract a vacuum cleaner cable, counterbalance a machine tool, manipulate a puppet or simply push a lip stick along a display rail, Spiroflex can help you develop a spring solution to meet your needs.

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